• Transportation

    Transportation Solutions do not just happen! In fact, finding good transportation solutions, requires experience, understanding, and precise planning and execution.

    Transportation is our game and EastEx does it well! Years of experience and a thorough understanding of Newfoundland makes EastEx the best solution for your transportation needs.


    Today’s Logistics Solutions are more complex than ever! Your success depends on a partner who listens, understands, and offers solutions designed for you.

    The EastEx team can make it work! On time management, schedule execution, and attention to detail is what lets EastEx offer you and your customers the right solutions.


    Modern strategically located warehousing can help grow your business! A warehouse that responds to your needs must have professional, consistent, and responsive standards.

    EastEx offers solutions to your warehouse needs for short or long term requirements! EastEx combines years of experience with a thorough understanding of our area and the challenges to help your business achieve success in Newfoundland.